Friday, August 15, 2008

Jared Gold Interview.

Jared Gold

Sometimes, it really takes a lot for a designer to make their mark in the fashion world. And for designer Jared Gold, it almost seems effortless. His runway shows are unique, with a darker and old fashioned/vintage theme to both the clothing and the aesthetics of the show. He may also be remembered from his spot as a guest on America's Next Top Model, where the girls got to walk with one of his most unique creations: living broaches made of jeweled cockroaches.

Where did the name for your clothing company come from?
I am only working on Jared Gold Label right that is pretty obvious, but Black Chandelier emerged from this concept of objects being seen in their negative. Exploring the world through the bizarro elements of everyday life.

What was it like being a guest judge and having your designs worn on America's Next Top Model?
Well it was nice publicity, but they really wanted me to be mean to the girls and I actually got in a bit of an argument with Tyra about it.

How do you choose the models for your runway shows?
I love girls with really intense and unusual faces, also I love girls that are real characters. I am less concerned with model proportions and height than most anyone else.

cockroach broach

What made you want to create living broaches out of cockroaches?
I thought it would be pretty, and I think they are!

What is the general reaction to them?
Fascination, they really touch on this primordial instinct in people. Crossing glamour with Jared Gold!

A lot of your pieces are very original and unlike a lot of designers out there. Where do you pull your inspiration from? Do you embrace breaking the mold?
I deny the existence of a mold, it helps you fell much more free when designing. I am inspired by books, perfume, car rides, scents from this wild town as I drive through at night.

What kind of work goes into being a designer?
You are basically an architect. But an architect for a very complex 3-dimensional form that is infinitely variable. And this architecture must be comfortable and cleanable. The scope is exhausting sometimes.

Do you have any style icons for your day to day wear?
I think old-west pharmacist would about sum it up.

How long have you been designing, and what made you want to do this for a living?
I have been designing sincce I was 18. I never really wanted to do this for a living, it just came naturally. Then after training at Otis in Los Angeles, I became very serious about the career.

What are some perks your job brings you?
Hmmm, I travel alot, hang out with very strange people, I love making things, so that is probably the greatest perk.

Are there any parts of being a designer that you wish you didn't have to do?
The business is 90% of this line of work. If you cant run the business properly, your ideas never really matter anyway. the business end of it really wears on me sometimes.

When you're not planning a runway show or working on designs, what do you spend your time doing?
Making candy, I made some molasses marshmallows just last night!

Any tips for aspiring designers?
Learn to sew, and learn to pattern. And if someone ever tells you "no". just find someone else to ask.

What is coming up for you?
A REALLY REALLY big project, I will have to keep you posted as it is still under wraps for now.

For more news on Jared Gold, his website is, or to check out his clothing and the infamous cockroaches, his clothing store is located at

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-Courtney Kaz.


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